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Songs From An Empty Stage by Koukie
 Bluesbunny Music Reviews
I initially thought that “Songs From An Empty Stage” was a soundtrack to some West End show that had, as they all do, escaped my attention and that Koukie, for it is she, was merely taking her time in the spotlight somewhat more seriously than most until I realised that, after the twelve songs that make up this album, that very spotlight was still shining brightly on Koukie.
Music Interview with Indie Performer Koukie 
 Junior's Cave Magazine
The music of Indie Performer, Koukie is decidedly different, decidedly fabulous, decidedly avant garde! This London-¬based musical artist seamlessly blends and fuses rock, opera, punk, and cabaret into one fireball of sound for a new generation of music lovers. Please join us in an exclusive musical spotlight – Who is Koukie? Enjoy!
Koukie - Songs From An Empty Stage
 Music Reviews – Press Association
The debut release from London singer Koukie fuses sultry jazz vocals with an overriding sense of playfulness to create a theatrical but pleasing album. This innate joviality resonates throughout the album, particularly on the single Stop You With Love, Koukie's Song and the up-tempo finale, Free, in which she lauds cherries as "teardrops of heaven".
Koukie - Stop You With Love
 Single Review - Female First
A big opener leading to a mellow and soft vocal at first confused me, but worked in a way I'm not sure I've heard before. Here we have operatic rock with glimpses of cabaret and punk - perhaps genres that at first you believe shouldn't be combined, but go on to be something tremendous when woven together and produced in this way.
Interview with Koukie - London, UK
 iMove iLive Online Music Magazine
London-based Koukie is a recording solo artist with a band. The singer composer and poet is delighted to announce the release of her debut solo album, Songs From An Empty Stage. Fusing rock opera with gypsy, punk and cabaret into a fireball of sound, hers is music for a new generation. Koukie dazzles audiences everywhere she goes with style and charisma. ‘If Queen and Shirley Bassey were to have a child, Koukie would be the one blasting off your ears,’’ says Porchlight Studios producer Niall Woods.
Scoop Live Review
 Clown Magazine
Koukie is just as theatrical as her striking look with purple long eyelashes, and her doll-like appearance, as well as her stage clothes too! She belted-out her first song Stop You With Love that made your ears prick-up and take notice. Bring It On was calmer, Koukie’s Song had the same energy vibe than her first song, and Eclipse was a groovy affair, which showed a different dimension to her usual cabaret folk music that was evident in I Forgive You, and A Man In The Suit.
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