There's something sexy about not showing too much...
Koukie Band
Koukie Band is a union of 6 pop singers from Latvia. Their debut on a bigger stage started by qualifying as one of the 12 finalists on the legendary show X Factor in Latvia. They sing popular music in gospel music manner similar to Koukie Choir repertoir with a few more tricks up their sleeve, and some choreography. Their names ar Gustavs, Annemarija, Toms, Eliana, Karina and Arturs. They are all students of Riga Dome Choir School's Jazz Department. Their positive energy and uplifting vibe will make anyone want to move and sing along to their performances. Together with Koukie Choir they form an amazing show that you do not want to miss. Follow them on Instagram @koukiepeople and Facebook @KoukieBand for news about their performances and come see them live! Good times guaranteed! :)

Bruno Mars - Treasure

Koukie Band performs last in the chair challenge round when all the chairs are already filled. Will they take someone's seat or go home? See for yourself!

Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love

Second week of X factor live shows. Top 11 finalkists perform songs from the TOP OF THE POPS theme. Koukie Band has an important message to bring accross. It is a question that keeps staying unanswered. We believe that the answer is out there. So as long as we keep seeking it, there is a chance for all of us to find it. Never give up! 💞